Completely Custom Bikini Bottoms

I’ve never had more perfectly fitting bikini bottoms in my life, I’ll just say that. I got a wild hair to use the Apostrophe MyFit Underwear pattern to create my own bikini bottoms, after seeing so many styles of bikini bottoms but not wanting to buy 147 different patterns. If you’re familiar with Apostrophe Patterns or have read any of my past posts on them, you know the versatility is insane. I’ve had so much fun playing around with proportions, rise differences, and all kinds of things to create custom bikini bottoms!

Above is the first pair I made. I wanted a really high rise cheeky bum, some thing I saw Giannina (from Love is Blind) wear on her Instagram (and she is SERIOUSLY so cute, who wouldn’t want to copy her?!) To create this look, I measured my natural waist as that’s where the top of the swimsuit would be sitting, with the crotch depth measured to basically the same point at my waist as the rise (just below belly button). This created just enough curve to keep the top of the waistband horizontal, which is the same way as you would measure leggings.  I did a custom outseam of 2.5 inches, and used the narrow gusset of 2.5 inches. I did choose a single pattern piece to avoid a crotch seam, but given how hard the side seams were to sew, I think I will re-print with a crotch seam in order to change at the assembly. This is the tutorial I used, and this is the one that I will use in the future, which lends itself much more easily to narrow side seams then pulling the work through a tiny channel. 

Other info: Fabric is Antique Glass from The Fabric Fairy and the top pattern is a slightly modified Summer Bikini from Evie La Luve.

 This is the second bikini bottom I’ve created using this pattern, and took a few more liberties with this one! Ignore the wrinkle in the front, that’s where I left a hole to turn them out and didn’t hand stitch it closed yet – I was too excited to take pictures haha!! Ok on to the T. To create the high hip with a scoop front, I varied the crotch depth and the rise depth. I measured the crotch depth at the top of my hip, and measured the rise 2.75 inches lower, which ensured that the side seams were high and the scoop in the front was lower. That’s it! I also narrowed the gusset with to 2.25 inches, with an out seam of .25 inches for a very skinny side.

Other info: Fabric is solid white swim from Amelia Lane Designs and the top is the North Shore bikini from Greenstyle Creations.

I’m obviously all about the high hip right now haha! I’m having a hard time making any other bikini bottoms because I’m loving the fit of these so much, and have SO many more planned. Hope this inspires someone to play around with their MyFit Undies pattern and create something super individualized and perfect for them!


  1. lahinze says:

    Both of your new bathing suits are super cute!! Great job with them! 😁

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    1. Sonia says:

      Thank you so much Laura!! I don’t know why I was scared of sewing Swim for so long, I am totally on a swim kick right now 😆


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