New Pattern Review: Cavallo Leggings

Quick post today with deets and photos of the new Cavallo Leggings from Greenstyle Creations! I loved getting to test these new active wear leggings, and while they were originally inspired as horseback riding pants, they are great for so many other things! My favorite feature without a doubt is the fact that they have no inseam, and it just makes them insanely comfortable. Second favorite is the monster pockets! If you look at the side panels, the pockets go nearly down to the knee, and A lot of the testers added stitching lines so that the pockets weren’t quite so deep. I omitted the step and was very grateful when we went for wheeling for memorial day, because my phone stayed tucked deeply in my pocket despite all of the turbulence from the four wheeler! 

The fabric I used is a newer fabric to the green style fabrics lineup, A snow grey performance moss Supplex.  It has great compression and is so smooth to the touch, so combined with the zero inseam of these leggings, they are crazy comfortable to wear! I opted for the high rise waistband, which is super high: at the bellybutton, so on trend right now. You can choose a lower rise on the pant portion, which is what I did, with the high rise waistband, and its the perfect combo!

Well the back curve detail is somewhat reminiscent of Greenstyle strides, it does have a thinner distance from the top of the curve to the waistband, which I do think accents the bum nicely 😆I also went with the jogger style pockets, I love detail that brings! I’m sure I’ll make some of the slanted pockets eventually, but my next couple pairs will probably be jogger style pocket too!

I used my Brother 2340CV to reverse coverstitch these to accent the seam lines, using 3 needles for a wider, bolder accent. Don’t look too close, black stitching on white fabric shows every flaw!! But despite a few close stitches, they look pretty good overall.

Thanks for reading today my crafty friends, and head over to Greenstyle to take a peek at this cute new pattern!