Shattered Glass Athletic Set

I’ll start off by saying that this will be a fairly brief post just to sing the praises of the fabric and patterns I used, and how truly lovely it is when an outfit turns out even better than you expect because of the quality of the ingredients!

I’ve shared this outfit in a few Facebook sewing groups and had such wonderful response, lots of people want to know about the fabric and patterns I used so here goes!

The star of the show is this Purple Shattered Glass stretch woven from the custom fabric group, The Styled Magnolia. I was gifted a yard of this fabric as a member of their Strike Sewist team for their 15th round, and couldn’t have been more excited because they are my favorite custom fabric company for adult clothing! The prints are always my style and taste, the colors are gorgeous, and the quality of fabric is amazing!

It is a testament to the fabric and how much I loved it that I chose to make a muslin prior to sewing, which is something I almost NEVER do!! But as this pattern had quite a few pieces and moving parts (read: zipper, yikes!) I did go through a practice run to make sure I had the construction right and could make any necessary changes. Given that this jacket technically has no side seams, adjustments would be a bit more complicated, so I’m so glad their drafting is great because I didn’t have to change the fit of anything. I did use a TON of washable wonder tape, which I have decided I’m going to always use for zippers.

The jacket I used is the Style Arc Steffi Jacket, and I really love the shapes created in this design. It feels very Lululemon or Athleta to me! Style Arc patterns are beautifully drafted, but have very little in the way of instructions, lending to my desire for a test run. I’m glad I did because I did alter the construction sequence of a few parts, but as I didn’t take pictures of my progress, it wouldn’t really make sense to list them here. In a shocking twist, I omitted the pockets, as many blog reviews I read on this pattern stated that they were too small. I love my pockets in every thing…. so I considered adding inset zipper pockets but held off. I may at a later date, but I really love it how it is so will probably just leave it alone!

Other modifications I made include adding piping along each seam to accentuate the shapes, and adding bias binding across the inside edge of the collar. I also handmade all the bias tape in the same black stretch woven as the piping, which really made the finished product so beautiful. Pro tip: use stretch woven for piping and you don’t have to cut on the bias, because its already stretchy! I had one yard of black that I was able to do all of the piping on this jacket with single no-seam strips, and who doesn’t love that little time-saver?

Doesn’t the piping just really make the silhouette pop? I LOVE it.

The shorts are the tried and true crowd favorite, Greenstyle Moxis! I really love these shorts in stretch woven, as they are insanely lightweight and so nice to wear. I didn’t make any changes to these except to use fold over elastic along the bottom edges instead of binding.

The gorgeous fuschia “crushberry” dry flex waistband fabric, as well as the solid white and solid purple stretch woven in the jacket, are all from The Fabric Fairy. This is where I source a majority of my athletic fabric, as they have a huge selection and the quality is absolutely top notch! I talked about some of their new fabric bases in my last post if you haven’t seen those, definitely take a look!

Lastly, the coordinating cami is the Bryn Cami from Made for Mermaids. I cut two fronts and backs in order to line the top, as I like the structure two layers gives. I also like that with it lined, there’s no need for fold over elastic along the front neckline, and I think it looks cleaner this way 🙂 To do this, just cut the lining .5″ shorter than the exterior (or whatever hem allowance you’re using), so that when you hem it, the outer layer encloses the raw edge rather than folding it over, reducing bulk.

I have to say, this is my favorite athletic set yet. I am completely obsessed with the Purple Shattered Glass print, and the stretch woven is such a fantastic fabric to sew with, nice and easy (no fraying like typical woven, and the bit of stretch makes all the clothes made from it SO comfy!) Here’s a quick teaser of their current fabric preorder, just click on the photo to check out all of the fabrics available!

If you have any questions about these makes, feel free to comment here! If there is a bunch of interest, I may sew another Steffi jacket Sew-Along style, and take pictures of the construction and my alterations to it. Thanks for stopping by my friends, and happy crafting!


  1. Karey says:

    Love the jacket styling, and your fabric, but no way Style Arc single sized patterns would work for me. Even those of their patterns with 3 adjacent sizes are not sufficient, as I need 8/10 for chest, with FBA for 14 bust, 12 waist and hips, and 18 biceps. Can’t wait until they catch up with the multi-sizing that everyone else does 😥

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    1. Sonia says:

      That is the biggest downside of their patterns, I agree. I know they have multi size PDF patterns now though! There’s slightly more expensive to get all sizes, but worth it!

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  2. Sue Van Buer says:

    Again, awesome styling!! Do you like to use a molded plastic zipper for jackets and pockets (if you’re using) or do you prefer a lighter weight, less bulky zipper? Any great notions sources?


    1. Sonia says:

      Thank you so much Sue! I always tend to use plastic or nylon zippers because I like that they’re lightweight, and I don’t have to worry so much about sewing over the metal teeth haha!! I got this sport zipper from Joanns, but I really love nylon zipper tape yardage because you can get such beautiful colors! I get mine from So You Need Hardware ( ) and Emmaline ( ).


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