RTW Leggings Pocket Dupe

I know we’ve all seen the really cute Fabletics leggings with the crisscross back pocket that is so on trend right now! Of course I wanted to hack this, and the perfect pattern to do it is the Apostrophe my fit leggings because it basically includes the pieces needed!!

If you’re not familiar with this pattern, You’re in for a treat! If you are familiar already, you can skip this paragraph :-)You take all of your measurements, and I mean ALL of your measurements… Down to the specific rise for where you want your leggings to sit, the size of your thighs and calves so that the leggings hug perfectly, everything. You only have to do that once though! Then you plug-in the stretch for the fabric that you’re using, both horizontal and vertical, and what kind of style, side inserts, waistband style, etc. if then print out a pattern that is specifically tailored to your body, with all of the options you have chosen! It’s revolutionary.

So for this back pocket, I chose the waistband option with the back zipper pocket. This is great option for this hack, as it’s already meant to be a pocket so it includes the pieces and seem allowances. Below are the pieces you’ll use, and I’ll explain how we get to this in the following steps.

We’re not going to use the upper and lower pocket pieces, just the back solid pocket piece. Cut two of this pattern piece (seen above in mint fabric), and sew them across the top of the waistband, right sides together. Set aside.

Next, cut three of the back pocket piece in mesh. I recommend a athletic mesh like power net, so it has enough stability and strength to hold your phone, or whatever it is that you’ll be putting in your pocket!

To create the pockets, we are going to trim the mesh pocket pieces at a diagonal. For the first one – you don’t want to cut from the top edge at an angle, you have to go a bit further down than that so that your fold over elastic doesn’t stick above the edge of your pocket pieces.

Once you have one cut, flip the trimmed portion over and use it as a template to cut your second piece. Mesh 1 and Mesh 2 will mirror each other.

For the third please, use the same template but Scooch it further down from the top, so that that final pocket is shortest.Once you have one cut, flip the trimmed portion over and use it as a template to cut your second piece. For the third please, use the same template but Scooch it further down from the top, so that that final pocket is shortest.

Next, sew fold over elastic across the top slanted edges of each mash piece. I find this is easier with lots of clips, or even better, wonder tape! I also started ironing my folder for elastic in half prior to sewing it on, and it goes on much easier!

Then we stack each of our bound mesh pieces on top of each other, with the shortest on the top. Place this stack on top of your base pocket piece from before (the main fabric that is sewn and wrong sides together). Open this piece up and lay wrong side toward the table, and lay the mesh stack on top. Clip everything well.

Secure with a basting stitch along the sides and bottom edge.

For the final waistband assembly, we’ll sew the back section we just completed to the front waistband. Sew the front waistband together across the top edge (right sides together), then open up so it lays flat. Align the edges of your front waistband with the back waistband (the section we just assembled), and sew. This is what it will look like when you turn it right side out!

Finally, fold your completed waistband wrong sides together and it’s ready to attach to the legs! You can attach it as you would normally from here on out 🙂

Thanks for sewing along with me today friends, and I would love to see if you recreate this hack so tag me on instagram at @mamascraftroom !

Until next time, happy crafting!


  1. RubyRoseSews says:

    This is so clever, I’ve always been nervous to make sportwear and this is a lovely detail. Really makes me want to sew soemthing like this now.


    1. Sonia says:

      Thank you so much Ruby! Athletic wear is so much easier than people think, though having a serger is what really changed the game for me! I love sewing athletics/athleisure because its basically all I wear now haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. RubyRoseSews says:

        Yes, I’ve got a serger and I’ve made t shirts and stretch dresses…maybe I’ll try activewear now


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