Sewing my FIRST Purse!

That elated feeling of conquering a task you’ve been scared of 🙌🏻💛👏🏻 Bag-making has been on my list for a long time! And I’m so thrilled 😄

I have been searching for a bag better and that is modern in shape and unique. I really liked tote bags, especially with a toddler as I’m always hauling the house around with us! But the curved top and double slanted zipper pockets of this pattern just called to me. So I ended up trying out the Nosy Pepper North Shore Hobo, and it really is love 🙂 I was totally scared of those zipper pockets but they were much easier than I imagined!

I ended up skipping the shoulder strap and just went with the handle to minimize the amount of hardware I needed because I didn’t have much on hand. Surprisingly enough, the green and blue grid accent fabrics are quilting cotton that I had in my stash from intentions a while back as making a cover for my Lillebaby Carrier. I did make a cover for it that you can see here, but obviously went with different fabric.

The side view of this purse shows the one major mistake that I made, which was forgetting to baste the foam to the gusset, which really comprises the structure of the purse. I didn’t realize until after I was DONE that I had forgotten it, so I turned the bag back inside out and used fabric glue to apply it. This is obviously not ideal as I had to trim down the gusset since it was no longer the size to be sewn in, and isn’t as sturdy as it would be otherwise. But for my first purse, all things considered, it went pretty well!

Now about this wild fabric! My 80s baby heart totally loved Lisa Frank when I was a kid, all of the folders, trapper keeper’s, pencils… And other miscellaneous school supplies! So to see this awesome Halloween print in the style of Lisa Frank, I was sucked in! This awesome print is from Firefliez Fabrics.

Other miscellaneous details from our photo shoot include a wild and perfectly coordinated furry poof keychain from Michael’s, and a few of my son’s stuffed animals that I pretty sure that we picked up in gas stations on road trips 🤣

Have you branched out from sewing your go-to items lately? Or what do you want to try but haven’t yet? Comment below!

Thanks for visiting today friends, and stay crafty!