New Athletics – Prints and Patterns

New fabric and I’m in LOVE. These are definitely my favorite athletic prints yet! They new tricot fabrics available at Amelia Lane Designs, and I am head over heels. As far as patterns go, I decided to branch out with my top patterns just a tad this time, though I stuck with the Apostrophe leggings for the bottoms because I know they fit perfectly!

Sidenote, if you haven’t looked at this leggings pattern, it’s incredible! You put in all of your specific measurements and it pops out a pattern that is perfectly tailored to you! It even takes into account your desired compression level, and fabric stretch. It’s amazing😍

For this first set in the print Bermuda, which is a Tricot fabric, I used the Apostrophe leggings with no side panel because I didn’t want to interrupt that gorgeous pattern. For the top I used Evie la Love Mighty sports bra, my first time using this pattern. I do love the overlay style, but had some issues along the way.

My biggest trouble was that there is a ton of fold over elastic involved in this pattern, something that I hadn’t sewn with previously. The instructions tell you to pull slightly as you sew, but that resulted in me re-doing some pieces up to four times because it either stretched out the fabric or wasn’t tight enough, which I suppose is basically the same thing. I couldn’t find anywhere that had information on what length to cut the elastic, and the ambiguous “pull” advice didn’t work out so well for me. I love the overlay and so I think in the future, I will construct the main bra similar to the green style power sports bra, which is right sides together and reinforced with clear elastic.

I of course had to add the back pocket, which is one of my favorite additions just because it is so easy to construct, and so handy to have a place to hide my phone from my toddler 🤣

You can see at the back here – I don’t think I pulled enough with the fold over elastic in the keyhole, as its warped…. lesson learned!

The second set I made is also apostrophe leggings but with the side panel, and I used the purple tencel to accent all of the gorgeous colors in this print called majesty. It is also a tricot fabric, so a little bit like swim but easier to sew.

I used the Evie la love summer bikini pattern for the top, with a few modifications. Ironically, I didn’t finish this pattern over the summer in one that I had it cut out in actual swim fabric… But I thought it would be fun to try making it into a sporty bralette with the tiny scraps of fabric that I had left. That’s honestly why I chose to hack this pattern, I had so little fabric left but really wanted a sports bra, so a seamed-cup was the only option!

I constructed this one similar to the method above, sewing the pieces together and then attaching right sides together and reinforcing with clear elastic. I added silicone backed elastic straps instead of using the halter ties to make it look more like a sports bra.

The colors in these prints are just incredible, and I am head over heels for these new athletic sets!

What’s the greatest pattern that you’ve tried lately? I’m always looking for new fun things to try and review, comment below!

Thanks for joining me today friends, stay crafty!