One Can Never Have too Many Rompers!

Hi friends! I’m excited to share with you today a gorgeous new pattern! I was given the opportunity to review a new women’s romper pattern, the Stevie Jumpsuit that DIBY released a couple weeks ago. I jumped at the opportunity because I absolutely love rompers! Jessica designed this pattern chalk-full of options, but I just loved her shorts version so I had to make that view first. (Yes, there will be more!)

If you haven’t made a DIBY pattern before, I’ll show you some of my favorite aspects of their patterns, and how easy they make it for you. If you have, you know how great they are.

First off, the instructions are like a full-on sewing course – SUPER comprehensive. Especially where this pattern is a full body jumper, there are all kinds of tutorials (like how to do a Full Bust Adjustment, how to grade between sizes, etc.) before you even get into the pattern construction. It’s not intimidating either, they are simple and easy to understand, and help even the freshest sewist get a perfect fit. In the photo below, you can see that full hip and mid thigh are spelled out so you know exactly where to grade! All of their women’s sewing patterns are marked this way, so they are great for learning how to fit patterns to your body.

I printed 4 sizes based on my measurements, and it was so easy to taper from one size to the next because of all of the labels!

I decided to use this gorgeous floral stripe for my shorts, and because it is a bold stripe, I really needed to stripe match everything or it would have been incredibly obvious! In the photo below, I’m showing how I used the front panels of the shorts to align the stripe, and placed the pocket backing piece in perfect alignment so that the slant pocket and pocket backing would stripe match.

The pattern piece for the pocket backing is placed directly on top of where I had aligned the front shorts pieces, and then I slide the front shorts pieces out of the way.

Another feature I love about DIBY patterns is the professional finishes. Below, I’m attaching clear elastic to the pocket (something I’ve never seen in another pattern) and it really helps maintain the shape and crisp finish of the pocket.

Here’s a Tip!! This is my absolute favorite and only way to top stitch, and something I discovered by deciding to try something a little off-the-wall. My sewing machine came with a plethora of feet and one of the assortment was a stitch in the ditch foot for quilters. I ALWAYS use this foot for top stitching! Keeping the fabric against the vertical plate down the middle of the foot, and moving mg needle to the left, I can get impossibly close to the edge and an nice consistent stitch.

This is a closeup of the foot and the perfect stitch 😍

And hooray for stripe matching!

After fussy-cutting the shorts and assembling them, the bodice went together so quickly! I made a few modifications to my romper – including keeping the waist tie separate instead of attached, and shortening the shorts. My bodice also hits a little high because the blue French terry I used has almost zero vertical stretch. Rookie mistake on my part not to check, but it worked out ok in the end!

How satisfying is that stripe continuity!! 😍

Overall, I adore the fit and I was quite impressed with the ease of construction and thoroughness of the instructions. I love the v-neck style and the shorts are flattering while still having enough ease to keep them comfortable. With fall coming up soon, I will most definitely be making few more of these! I see a tapered leg pant version in ponte, and maybe I’ll branch out of my normal style and try the Capri length in a yummy hacci!

Thanks for joining me on this sewing adventure today friend, and be sure to check out the Stevie Romper!

Stay crafty ✌🏻