RTW Recreation: Athletic Set and Ruched Tank Hack

I really love when an athletic outfit comes together so perfectly, that you feel like an Athleta ad 🤣 I think it’s because of the white shorts honestly, not something I would typically buy but I was totally excited about making them for myself! The tank I hacked, and it is such a simple hack I will show you how to do it in just 4 pictures! But lets talk fabrics first – these beauties are from The Fabric Fairy who carries wonderfully high quality athletic fabrics. I used bamboo in the colorway aqua, and it is so lovely and lightweight, perfect for everyday or athletics. The carbon white stretch woven is amazing for the Moxi shorts I made, and it has 4-way controlled stretch and the listing even says it is stain resistant!!

I used the Mountainside tank by Annelaine patterns; it is a great racer back tank with lots of options like a split back and waist tie. For this hack, I took my pattern piece and cut right through the deepest part of the racerback back piece.

I’ve been laid the piece on my fabric on the fold as you would if you were cutting it normally, and basically moved the curve an inch and a half beyond the edge of the pattern piece. Don’t forget to add your seam allowance across the top since there is a seam here! The top part of the Razorback you cut normal width, and add a seam allowance at the bottom.

Then I sewed two rows of gathering stitches, and gathered to the width of the top piece of the racerback.

Serge two pieces together and remove your basting switches, and that’s it! Go ahead and finish assembling the tank as you would normally, per the instructions. Since we did not change shape of the armscye (as we gathered it to the original width) no other changes are needed!

I love the subtle detail this adds and its soooo simple!

Hope you enjoyed this hack, stay crafty my friends!