The Tool I Never Knew I needed


I’ve been a Cricut user since they were founded, all the way back to the mini personal machine. I seen the evolution of their technology, and wow has it come a long way! So when they came out with the most recent machine, the Maker, I wasn’t 100% sold on whether or not I needed it. Of course I sew, and one of the biggest draws of the new machine is that it can cut fabric, but most of what I sell is apparel and the 12 x 24″ mats are just too small for pattern pieces. But this experiment that I’m going to show you completely changed my view!

I was very lucky to be chosen to receive a maker and assortment of tools through their influencer program for the company that I work for, Eli and Mac PDF sewing patterns. I am heading up a program where we are working on altering baby/kids patterns to fit the mats so our community can cut them with their Cricuts. So of course I’ve been doing a little other experimenting with the machines capabilities, and it’s revolutionary new rotary blade that allows you to cut fabric.

To start out with, I made a slight pattern alteration to my Sydney top by Annelaine. It is my favorite cozy dolman pattern, a quick sew and yummy fit. I used the bottom of shape of the Aspen top to copy of the ties so that I could add a tie in the front. Since I wasn’t adding the facing, I reshaped the ties a little bit to be more symmetrical.

I then took the fabric I wanted to cut my words out of (a gorgeous foiled performance fabric from Joanns) and adhered heat and bond to the back with my heat press.I decided to stabilize the fabric so that it would cut a bit easier and also so that I could iron it on, even though you don’t have to stabilize the fabric when cutting it on the Cricut.

This blade is what makes the Cricut Maker stand apart from all of the previous machines. The rotary blade works particularly well for fabric, and the gear across the top allows the machine to list and turn the blade rather than dragging it as with previous machines.

I designed my graphic in illustrator from an adaption of a graphic shirt that I found on Pinterest. I cut the words in the fabric and was blown away at how amazingly perfect the cut was!

I cut the rest of the image in black vinyl, including a shadow for “hustle” to make the word pop more.

The fabric I used as my base is a super soft heavy rayon spandex from Stitchin Pretties, and it was PERFECT for this application because it has a nice smooth face for vinyl, and wonderful drape for the dolman style.

I then ironed on “the hustle”, taking care not to heat too long so I didn’t burn the velvety metallic fabric.

I also ironed from the back to secure.

I CAN NOT HANDLE how great this looks! PSA though – The heat and bond didn’t end up wanting to adhere to the vinyl on a permanent basis, so I’m going to do a copper thread top stitch over the top of the letters. I think the metallic will complement it nicely, so even when I do this again, I will still use the same heat and Bond > iron technique to secure the letters before top stitching.

I paired my new top with the softest Brassy Joggers I’ve ever made (brushed french terry is like baby bunnies hugging you, no joke!) and am feeling pretty fly in my WAHM-tastic new outfit ❤