Bodies change, but thank goodness for good running gear


I don’t know if I’ll take the time to take cute styled photos of these athletic leggings; I just made them pretty quickly and basically as a muslin for the next strike that I am sewing, though I’m thrilled that they turned out so amazingly perfect and I was able to wear them out running today! I most definitely found my new favorite leggings pattern!

These are the gorgeous Inspires from Greenstyle, and I have previously only made the strides which I love the side panels on! I had to snag these during the sale though, because I keep seeing such rave reviews on the fit, and I love the color blocking options that are built-in. For example, it comes with pieces to add the vents as back of knee inserts, where I put white mesh and it makes them an incredibly breathable and comfortable. Their maiden voyage was a very slow 2 1/2 mile run. It’s starting to get pretty hot here, so that weighed me down in addition to pushing a stroller!

Notice that I do have a little bit of pooling at the ankles. I have a tendency of forgetting that Greenstyle drafts for a high of 5’7, and keep forgetting to shorten the length on my patterns. Despite the little bit of extra fabric, these are definitely the most comfortable leggings that I own! It was phenomenal to run without having to worry about pulling my pants up every half mile, which is one of my biggest pet peeves!

This vivid blue Supplex is from a bundle I scored during So Sew English’s bundle sale in… April? I am a TOTAL supplex convert for leggings; the weight is fantastic for a nice smoothing effect on those less-than-perfect areas, and the weight and structure makes it so easy to sew with. It has incredible stretch too, so it is perfect for that lightly compressive fit of athletic wear.

As Struggle-town as I felt running, having fantastic athletic gear does encourage me to work out! I’m pretty excited to go running again just knowing that I have something so cute and comfortable to wear. Guys and gals, it’s the little things LOL!

I want to know – what is your favorite athletic garment to sew?