New to sewing swim? A tip for you…


So I’m going to preface this by saying that I haven’t sewn a ton of swim, so take my tips with a grain of salt because sewing with swim is difficult and definitely takes practice! Not to completely discredit myself, I have learned a lot, as well as gathered a lot of tips from experienced sewists and youtubers along the way.

One thing that I found has really helped me learn to use this type of fabric is to sew something that is not a swim pattern first! Sounds counterintuitive, right? But by sewing something else like a piece of activewear, it allows you to work with the fabric and techniques without having to manage all of the layers that a swimsuit pattern would normally require. With swim, you are juggling the outer fabric, your swim lining, elastics, potentially cups, and more.

And did I mention that swim fabric is great for athletic gear? I made this Ellie and Mac Ruched Tee out of vibrant red swim from Amelia Lane Designs, and it is not only extremely soft and has that fun slinky feeling, but it’s great for moisture wicking! I want to use the rest of it as the outer for a sports bra next.

And here are a handful of other tips that I’ve gathered!

  • If you’re using a Sewing machine, baste and then use your walking foot
  • pseudo-baste with fabric glue, craft glue sticks, or wash away/wonder tape
  • LOTS AND LOTS of pins/clips
  • Use tissue paper under the fabric to help it glide through the sewing machine
  • Most importantly, go slowly! You don’t want to rush through a swim project, take the time for a lovely finish!