My First Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve officially started my very first capsule wardrobe!! I can’t tell you how much time I spent using the Amelia Lane Capsule Wardrobe Builder worksheet to try and plan out what I was going to make. I think it took me so long because I bought the fabrics before I decided to make a capsule, so working them into a coherent collection that could mix and match was MUCH harder than it would have been otherwise! Live and learn…

My first two pieces are both Annelaine Patterns – The Charleston Dress and the Coffee & Tea Cardigan, both in deliciously drapy Rayon Spandex from AmeliaLane Designs. This fabric is so perfect for summer; its breathable and comfortable and so flowy and flattering! I hadn’t made the Charleston Dress before, but knowing that Rayon Spandex doesn’t have the best recovery, I did size down (and did my typical FBA).

My only qualm with this dress is the same problem I typically have with all Rayon Spandex – it is perfect for me but the second I pick up my son, he’s pulling on the fabric at the neckline and my bra likes to peek out at the top edges. I could always wear a bralette over my bra or something but hey, complete honesty here, my fashion focus has 100% shifted since having a baby from style to comfort! I’m not even sure I know how to walk in the collection of stilettos collecting dust in my closet anymore! So bra layering is pretty much out. But this dress is so comfortable and effortless that I’m fine with keeping an eye on that pesky neckline just so I can wear it!

I imagine some may suggest to use a fabric with better recovery for the bands. I thought about this, but I really like the look of the same fabric for bands and body, rather than contrasting bands. I do have some black double brushed poly in my stash, but I wanted it to all match instead!

I made my cardigan in the Coffee view, short length. Even as a short length cardi, the Rayon Spandex does stretch it down a bit and I just love the length it hits at. It was still maybe 5″ shorter than the shortest part of the high-low dress hem, making it a great complimentary layering piece. WOOT – two pieces of my capsule DO match!!

And *sigh* – as excited as I am that these two pieces are done for my summer capsule, I can’t help but feeling that the combo leans a bit more towards a fall color palette. I think I’ll plan a little more ahead next time I endeavor to make a capsule LOL!

I want to know!! Have you put together a capsule wardrobe before, either out of self-sewn clothes or ready-to-wear items? How did you plan it out, and what was your favorite (or least favorite) part?

Outfit Detail Roundup:

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